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pvp: bg mage pvp strategies

pvp: bg mage pvp strategies

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Finally got the Pally to 60, so I can start knocking out PvP again, for this end-week update, and the following 8, I will be concentrating on PvP with each class, this first week was the week of the Mage.

The Mage in BG…
The spec I used:

Arcane Talents - 21 points
Improved Arcane Missiles - rank 5/5
Arcane Concentration - rank 5/5
Improved Dampen Magic - rank 2/2
Improved Arcane Explosion - rank 5/5
Evocation - rank 1/1
Improved Counterspell - rank 2/2
Presence of Mind - rank 1/1

Frost Talents - 30 points
Improved Frostbolt - rank 5/5
Ice Shards - rank 5/5
Improved Frost Nova - rank 2/2
Cold Snap - rank 1/1
Improved Blizzard - rank 3/3
Arctic Reach - rank 2/2
Frost Channeling - rank 1/3
Shatter - rank 5/5
Ice Block - rank 1/1
Frostbite - rank 5/5

When you take a Mage into BG PvP, you really need to decide what you want to do with the Mage, BEFORE you enter the BG. For me it took a little while to find a decent niche that I could fill.

AB, here you must slow your game play a little, and use more strategy then DPS. Many times you will be coming upon a group that is attacking/defending a flag. Instead of just running up and DPS’ing, first you might want to Insta Sheep a Priest or other caster in the opposing group. While it is true that this may only grant you negating that player from the fight for a few seconds, it is a disruption to how the opposing force normally conducts their combat. This is not the AOE spam fest that AV is, so the flavor of the day is using your mind rather then your “spam finger” here. Also do not try to be too “over cautious”, a few times I seen a mage(s) not really knowing what to do. Your very first thing to check is the flag! If it is yours and you see the “fire graphic” at the feet of the flag, it is being “turned”, immediately AOE the flag area. Always have a plan when you see an enemy and use it until it is no longer advantageous. The Mage in AB is very flexible, you can sheep, AOE flags, silence healers, etc… The Mage is not a very high priority, like it is in AV, it is however a tool that can be used.

AV, here it is balls to the wall, hand your opponents butt to them, die, and do it all over again! The BEST thing you can do in AV is AOE suicide runs. Does this mean you have run around for 1-3 hours looking like an Arcane Explosion Smacktard? No. What you do here greatly depends on the situation at hand. If it is a Stalemate, you AOE suicide. If you are slowly pushing them, then you do not use suicide tactics, instead hang back and snipe using Frostbolt, yeah it is not the largest DPS thing you can do, but if the front line is moving to your advantage, it is simply in your best interests to do a little to help it keep moving. If you are getting pushed it is time for Blizzard, you cannot afford to lose ground and Blizzard will at least slow them down until your team can pull its head out of its ass.

So you might ask, why not just Arcane Explosion their team the whole time? Because you can’t, believe me I tried… After 4-5 times, they will target and kill you before you even get off your mount, a few times I would bet real life money they had a "/target Myshtar" macro LOFL. (Seriously, they probably did) You cannot keep doing the same thing or it gets predictable, if I can predict what you are going to do, I can set up to stop you. What you have to do is keep mixing it up, then your enemy is thinking: “well is he coming with the AOE, hmm where is he, wtf is he doing?” As long as you can keep your opponent guessing, you will be winning. Another thing to remember, if you can get close to the frontline without a mount, (put a friendly player between the enemy frontline and you, thereby blocking LOS, so they do not see you until the last second) do it. A mount is cool and fast, but if they already know you are doing AOE suicide runs then they will be looking for the mount to target you.

A typical suicide run:
1. Mount at death and go towards enemy front line.
2. KNOW your target BEFORE you get there, aim for center mass of the largest group of enemy peeps. You can also skip the frontline and aim for the healers/casters in the back row, either method works fine.
3. Have your finger over the “dismount” key with the AE key right next to it. (Or the next number) Make sure your IB key is next to it.
4. Dismount, AE, jumping and running around in a non-predictable pattern, spam the AE button. When you are at half health IB. (Ice Block)
5. Here you have a 10 second time out, hopefully your side will move up and push through. Also the more enemy players whacking on you now, the better, because they are not causing you damage and they are not hurting you friends!
6. When you have 3 seconds of IB left start spamming your AE button again, and move(jumping and running) as soon as it breaks.

You can really get some decent damage here, look at the DPS: (2000, 4000 and 6000)

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, if you can try to keep it in relation to a Mage. I have taken 100’s of screenshots and narrowed it down greatly to give you the juiciest ones. I did not use an since having all these load on 1 screen would have lagged you.


Same old goose up to his old tricks…

Releasing the bombers:

Soloing the Ally general (LOL, not)

Summoning LOK

Releasing Wolves:

Making sure Ice Blood is not Ninja’ed:


And getting his butt handed to him ? (that is going to hurt when IB is off)

Oh, and of course tarding, here I Ice Blocked into a tree? WTF?

Sometimes it is all about where YOU are positioned:

And sometimes it is all about the DPS, BOOM!

Taking and holding all 5 bases in AB? Rare, not impossible:

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