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Customer Reviews:

2017-02-12 Review: Solid service like always, but delivery did take over 24 hours this time. Usually takes no more than 3 hours! Still the best site to purchase gold by far!! >>>
2017-02-06 Review: I got my gold in a decent time considering how things are done. I bought more gold and now we will see if it adds up. >>>
2017-02-04 Review: Love You Guys! Great, easy and quick! Thanks Again! >>>
2017-02-04 Review: Great Service! Fast, Easy...just plain nice! A++ >>>
2017-02-04 Review: Only place I'll go. I've had some show up quicker, like right away, but had the same companies take up to a week. I strongly prefer the auction house format over meet in game, I just log in and ther... >>>
2017-01-15 Review: i did not get all my gold because items in the auction house were taken out. >>>
2017-01-01 Review: Was skeptical, worried about getting in trouble, but worked just like advertised. Auctions bought in about 10 minutes...just waiting on the mail now >>>
2016-12-31 Review: Awesome service, have used about 10 times over last several years. Last time got an inquiry from Blizzard, but no problems. >>>
2016-12-31 Review: First time buyer. Fantastic service! >>>
2016-12-28 Review: Great & Fast Delivery. No issues with anything and my scrumptious gold was delivered within 36 hours. Would definitely buy from here again. :) >>>
2016-12-28 Review: Once again, VERY fast delivery! The first time I used Bank of Wow, it took almost two days to receive my gold and I was a bit disappointed. Since then, my last two orders have been almost immediat... >>>
2016-12-26 Review: Everything was quick and easy from beginning to end. My auctions were bought out within 10 minutes of receipt of payment. Great service! Did not use any 24/7 Live chat or personal customer service, d... >>>
2016-12-18 Review: Great service, flawless! A+++! >>>
2016-12-10 Review: Never had an issue with these guys, and the delivery method through the auction house gives some added peace of mind for not getting in trouble. This is a safe, cheap, and dependable place to get g... >>>
2016-11-23 Review: First time purchasing gold, worked out perfectly. Very happy with the service. >>>

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What security precautions are taken to protect my personal information?

BankofWOW takes the protection of our clients' personal information very seriously. We have various systems in place to screen each order for anything that might seem amiss. McAfee Secure tests BankofWOW daily to keep our customers safe from trojan,identity theft,viruses,spyware and spam! Additionally, the information submitted will never be disclosed to any third parties, and the method of transferring this data will occur over our Verisign encrypted website.

Fight Against Paypal / Credit Card Fraud:

We here at take any sort of fraud extremely seriously. Whether it is paypal fraud/credit card fraud, or Internet fraud, we completely cooperate with paypal, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement officials to apprehend the individuals or groups behind this. is committed to the prevention and prosecution any kind of fraud. Some of our fraud prevention measures include:

IP logger, for verification and tracking (we know your IP address) Contacting Paypal to retain customer telephone numbers (We might call you) Email/Chat logs Verification of telephone number and address.

In the rare event that a fraudulent order passes our screening process, we will report the fraudulent activities to the appropriate legal authorities and provide those authorities with the necessary information to complete an arrest and prosecution. Your ISP will be notified of your fraudulent activities and they will punish you according to their User Agreement and/or Acceptable User Policies. We might also initiate civil action against you, depending on the amount of money involved with your fraudulent activities. All information supplied to the appropriate authorities will include, but is not limited to purchase history, IP addresses, Chat history, email history, email IP addresses, customer telephone numbers, and customer addresses associated with paypal.

In other words, if you want to defraud a website, this is not the website to try it!!

Conviction on Credit Card Fraud Carries Penalties of 10 Years Imprisonment and/or a $10,000 Fine! U.S.C. Title 18, Section 3056, Subsection, specifically authorizes the United States Secret Service to detect and arrest any person who violates federal criminal laws relating to credit card fraud and related activity in connection with computers and/or access devices.

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Cheap WOW Gold - Policy of BANK OF WOW: If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you may request a refund at any time before delivery! Buy Cheap WOW Gold Now!

Cheap WOW Gold